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It is great to make your acquaintance. My name is Rafal and I am an IT enthusiast. On this webpage, I plan to share with you some mini articles which I have written at my leisure - they should mostly consider programming/DevOps stuff, but do not be surprised if, at times, you see me glorifying the mastery of folks like Andrzej Sapkowski or Shigeru Miyamoto.

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I have been born and raised in the beautiful City of Kraków where I currently reside working full time at Tectonic Interactive . I am a big fan of programming and foreign languages and I am more than happy when I can learn something new in either area (and, honestly, there is a lot to learn).

The thirst for learning new and exciting stuff had been one of the reasons why I turned my head towards computer programming at the beginning of 2015 (quite recently, but still not that bad given the fact that I have a masters degree in a totally different field, i.e. international relations). At the time I was working in the receivables department of Motorola Solutions and, being prompted by one of the greatest IT experts I have ever come across, I kicked off my programming journey by getting acquainted with Visual Basic for Applications.

PS. I also enjoy reading books and playing video games.


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